You can buy SiteLock subscription from the Customer Control Panel as well. Please follow below steps to purchase the SiteLock subscription.


  1. Login to your Customer Control Panel.


  1. Either click on the Marketplace tile or Marketplace option in the left side menu.


  1. You will see the various category tiles, scroll down and click on the Digital Marketing tile.


  1. Once you are there, click on the SiteLock tile.


  1. Now select the required subscription of SiteLock and click on the NEXT.


  1. If you wish to link a domain, select Link a Domain to Service and link the domain accordingly.


  1. Else, you can select Don’t Link a Domain and click on the NEXT to proceed.


  1. Provide the comment you to your and click on the FINISH.


  1. Finally accept the Terms and Conditions by checking the box and click on the PURCHASE button to place the order.


  1. Once the order is provisioned, you (or your customer) will be able to use the SiteLock Services.