This article assumes you have already purchased a SiteLock subscription.

Before you begin using SiteLock, you are required to associate a domain/website with a SiteLock service. Once the association has been successfully created, you will have a one-click login access to the SiteLock dashboard.

IMPORTANT: If your domain/website is externally hosted, please refer to ‘How to: Add Externally Hosted Domains for SiteLock’ before following the steps below.

  1. Login to your Customer Control Panel.


  1. Click on the SiteLock tab from the left side menu.


  1. You will see the SiteLock page. Here it will ask you to Link a domain. Click on the LINK DOMAIN button.


  1. Click on the ADD NEW DOMAIN button.


  1. Select your preferred option and provide the domain name, select the subscription from the dropdown option and click on the SUBMIT button.


  1. You will see that the DNS hosting is Enabled and domain has been linked.


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