Please note that this process only applies to Azure CSP subscriptions and not to Azure NCE.

A Reserved Instance is a reservation of compute resources that can provide a significant discount compared to On-Demand pricing. Microsoft provides a discounted hourly rate in exchange for committed level of usage for a 1- or 3-year term.  

Reserve Instances are beneficial because it enables partners to obtain more cost predictability, help improve budgeting and forecasting, and decrease Customer’s total cost of ownership.

For more information about RI’s check out this link: Azure Reserved VM Instances (RIs)

For Purchasing an RI contact IaaS Sales team at: IaaS@ingrammicro.com
Exchanging or Cancelling an RI, contact IaaS Sales team at: IaaS@ingrammicro.com


  1. Reach out to your Ingram Cloud Sales Rep for a Reserved Instance (RI) quote.
  2. When ready to purchase, download and complete the RI Order Form. Submit this to your Ingram Cloud Sales Rep for processing.
  3. Ingram Cloud Sales will coordinate with Ingram Operations to purchase Reserve Instance. SLA: 24-48 hours.
  4. Reseller Point of Contact listed on the RI Order Form will receive an email Order Confirmation from Servicesorders@ingrammicro.com.
  5. Once RI’s are purchased, they’re automatically matched to the Virtual Machine instance under the Azure subscription ID provided on the RI Order Form.
  6. To edit scope or optimization settings or to provide additional read access for the Reserved Instance(s), reach out to Ingram’s Cloud Support to request the applicable changes. Support can be contact via phone, email or chat.


  • You’ll be invoiced for the RI order through Ingram’s traditional billing system and can find your invoice through BillTrust. You won’t receive a RI invoice through the Cloud Marketplace.
  • You may still receive a Cloud Marketplace Azure invoice for other Azure Services. Reserve Instances only allow for the pre-payment for the cost of Virtual Machine compute charges.
  • Reserve Instances don’t auto-renew. If the Reserve Instance expires, On-Demand rates will automatically apply again.

Scope, Optimization and Read Access

Please follow this article to Manage Reservations for Azure resources.

Scope Definition

The reservation’s scope can either cover one subscription, one resource group or multiple subscriptions.

By default, the scope is set to Single Subscription.
  • Shared Scope - The reservation discount is applied to the matching resources in eligible subscriptions within your billing context. For a Microsoft Customer Agreement, the billing context is the billing profile.
  • Single Subscription - The reservation discount is applied to the matching resources in the subscription you select.
  • Single Resource Group - The reservation discount is applied only to the matching resources in the resource group you select. If you move or delete the resource group, the reservation discount will not apply.

Optimization Settings

With instance size flexibility, the reservation discount can apply to all virtual machine sizes in the same instance size flexibility group. Refer to Virtual machine size flexibility with Reserved VM Instances for more information.

Capacity priority prioritizes data center capacity for your deployments, offering additional confidence in your ability to launch the VM instances when you need them. With this option, reservation discount will only apply to the exact VM family/size the reservation is purchased for.

By default, the optimization setting is capacity priority.
Capacity priority is only available when reservation scope is Single subscription.

Read Access

By default, you won’t have access to view the Azure Reserved Instances within the Azure Portal. To receive access, contact our Ingram Micro Cloud Support Team to provide a “Reader” role to a specific User ID that you specify. Having this role will be important to managing the RIs’ and utilization.

The User ID must be listed within the Customer’s Active Directory in order to be assigned a role.

Have further questions? Contact our team at IaaS@ingrammicro.com.