Starter Guide

Ingram Micro Cloud Orchestrator (Cloud Orchestrator) enables Resellers to simplify their Customer’s cloud initiatives with a free cloud service and orchestration tool. Cloud Orchestrator automates and orchestrates the deployment and management of workloads in any private, public, hybrid or multi-cloud environment – all from a single portal. Billing and invoicing is done through the Azure Subscription in Odin (refer to ‘How to: View Resource Rates & Download CSV’ to learn more).

The Cloud Orchestrator subscription can be acquired from the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace or the in-panel Marketplace. Before assigning Cloud Orchestrator to Users, the subscription must be enabled and then assigned to ‘First User’. Existing and new Users can be assigned any one of these roles: ‘Admin’, ‘Member’ or ‘Reader’. All Users can access the Cloud Orchestrator Portal from their respective Control Panels however Users’ functions are limited by their roles.

Following is a complete list of articles related to Cloud Orchestrator (CMP and CCP):

Cloud Orchestrator (IMCO) Portal


The IMCO Portal is your segue to a host of functionalities that make creating and maintaining your Cloud Iaas/PaaS very simple. In addition, customized roles can be created from within the IMCO Portal.



Cloud Orchestrator’s main functionalities are performed within the IMCO Portal. The Portal’s User Manual is currently under construction. You can view all available articles related to the IMCO Portal under its Table of Contents.