Creating a Website in IIS 


Adding a Website Using IIS
Adding Your Website Using IIS Manager


This guide will help you create a website using the IIS web server on a Windows VPS server. When you want to publish content for access over the Internet, you can add a website to your web server to hold the content. Note that you may use the following steps only when your VM subscription does not come with Plesk panel. If your subscription does come with Plesk panel, it is easier to create your site via Plesk. See the Getting Started with Parallels Plesk Panel starter guide for help with creating your website with Plesk.

Adding a Website Using IIS

The default web site configuration is created in the inetpub\wwwroot directory of the server. You may either use this default directory to publish your web content or create a directory at a file system location of your choice.

You have different methods to create your website by using IIS Manager: through the interface or by using Appcmd.exe commands. This article explains how to create your website using IIS Manager.


Adding Your Website Using IIS Manager

1) Login to your Windows virtual machine via Remote Desktop.See this article for instructions.

2) Click on the server manager icon as show below.



3) This will bring up the Server Manager now click tools on the upper right to access the list of server tools



4) Now click on Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager, this will open IIS

5) In the Connections pane, you will see your server name. Please expand it by clicking on the > sign.



6) In the same Connections pane, right-click the Sites folder and then click Add Web Site….


7) In the Add Web Site dialog box, type a friendly name for your website in the Site name field.



8) If you want to select a different application pool than the one listed in the Application Pool field, please click on the Select… button. In the Select Application Pool dialog box, select an application pool from the Application pool list and then click OK.



9) In the Physical path field, click the browse button (...) to browse the file system to find the folder were your site content is located, in case you have already uploaded the site content to the server via FTP.



10) Click on the Connect as… button. In the Connect As dialog box, please select the Application user (pass-through authentication) option.




11) In the Binding section, select the protocol for the site from the Type list. You can specify a static IP address for the website from the drop-down IP address list. Type the port number in the Port field. Optionally, type the host header name for the website in the Host name box.


12) Select the Start Web site immediately check box, then click OK.


13) You will now see the site you created under the Sites folder.



14) To view the site in your web browser, right-click your site name. Click on Manage Web Site and then choose Browse. This will display your site content in your default browser.




Now you have successfully created your website using IIS. You can upload your site content onto the server via a FTP connection. Once you are ready to bring the site live, point the A record of your domain to the IP address mentioned in the site binding. Please visit our knowledge base at for more information about your Windows Hyper-V virtual machine.