Below you will find instructions explaining how to create private nameservers for your domain names on our system, and how to register them as valid nameservers on the cloud. You can brand your nameservers and ensure that your white label solution is present on the domain management level. You can also manage nameserver records, as well as manage nameserver services on the server using the WHM control panel.

The first step is to identify a domain name you wish to have nameservers set for. Once you have decided this, the next step is to add this domain to our system, and then add our nameservers as the host servers for you domain.


1)    First, log in to your Customer Control Panel.

2)    Click on the All Domains tab at the top of your webpage. This will display any domains you already have in our system. 



3)    Navigate to the Registered Domains tab. If you want to add a domain that is already registered with another registrar, use the Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere button. If you are registering a new domain, use the Register New Domain button.


4)    Do not choose any web hosting or any mail hosting unless necessary. Simply continue and finish the process. Once you have added the domain, you will be able to modify the DNS records.

5)    Click the Registered Domains tab again and then click on the newly added domain name by clicking Manage DNS link next to the domain name.


6)    Navigate to the DNS tab at the top of the page, and then the DNS Records sub-tab. This will take you to your nameservers.



7)    Click Add New DNS Record to add your new records.

-          You would usually add two records: ns1 and ns2 subdomains for your root domain.

-          For the DNS Record Type drop-down box select A.



8)    Click Finish to add the record, and repeat steps 5 to 7 to add as many records as required.

9)    You should now have your records listed in your control panel like the following:




If your domain is registered through our system, you can follow the instructions below to log in to the OpenSRS control panel to manage your domain and register your nameservers at the registrar level. If your domain is registered with another registrar, you will need to get the steps and credentials from that registrar to register your nameservers.

1)    First, find your OpenSRS credentials in the Customer Control Panel. Your credentials can be found within the Registered Domains tab under the Additional Information sub-tab.



2)    Navigate to the URL and log in using the credentials you found in the Customer Control Panel.


3)    Click the Manage Name Servers menu item.


4)    First, you need to register your new nameservers. At the bottom of the page, click the link that looks like this:


5)    Use the bottom section, Create Name Server to create your new nameserver.

  • Enter the same subdomain records you created in the Add Your Domain To our System section earlier. Also, use the same IP address in the Server IPV4 Address field.
  • Repeat this process to create all nameservers that you created in the Customer Control Panel.



6)    Finally, go back to the Nameservers page and enter the new nameservers that you just registered in the fields under the Server Hostname heading, then click Save Configuration.


This completes registration of your new nameservers. The third and final step is to set them up in WHM. You will see instructions for this in the next section.


In the previous two sections we added the domains in your Customer Control Panel and registered the private name servers with the registrar. Now we need to add these nameservers in WHM because it is the control panel for your server. Please follow these steps to add your nameservers in WHM:

1)    Log on to WHM through the port at youripaddresshere:2086 using the VPS root user name and password that you received in the welcome email.

2)    Go to Main > Server Configuration > Basic cPanel & WHM Setup (see this article if you need help to find these menus). You will see the Nameservers section at the bottom of the page.

3)    Enter the name servers and click the Save Changes button.



Your two nameservers will each require an IP address. Even though technical standards strongly advise against it, our software can run everything (including both nameservers) from a single IP address. In our case we are giving the same IP address that we have added in the DNS records of name servers in section one.

1)    In order to set the IP address for your name servers please click on Add an A entry for this nameserver button in the above screenshot. A pop up window will open where you can add the IP address.

2)    After setting the IP address click the Save Changes button.


In order to select nameserver software, please follow the steps below:

1)    Login to WHM as yourIPhere:2086 by using the VPS root username and password included in your welcome email.

2)    Go to Main >> Service Configuration >> Nameserver Selection.



3)    Here you can select your desired the nameserver software by ticking either of the options available and clicking the Save button. (The advantages and disadvantages of the two different nameserver software programs will be displayed for your convenience, as per the screenshot below).


Your nameserver software should be functional. Now, we need to get the rest of the Internet to use that nameserver. If these nameservers are already registered with the specified IP address by your domain name registrar, then no further action is required. Otherwise, you can use any public nameservers.