An email alias is an alternate address that points to your existing mailbox. Any email sent to the alias will arrive in the inbox of the mailbox for which it is set up. This article shows you how to set up an email alias in Plesk Panel. It also explains how to remove aliases once they have been created.

1)    Log in to your Parallels Plesk Panel.

2)    Navigate to the Mail tab at the top of the page in the Power User view.


3)    Click the email address for which you need to set up e-mail aliases.

4)    Click on the E-mail aliases tab.


5)    Enter your alias into the Email alias field and click Add email alias.

6)    To remove an alias, click the Remove link to the right of the address you want to remove.

7)    When you have finished adding and removing aliases, click OK.

This completes the process of adding and removing email aliases. Aliases can be useful if your email address is often misspelled: you can set up an aliases with the incorrect spelling to ensure that the mailbox owner receives all mail, even if sent to the incorrectly spelt address.