The preferred domain setting in Plesk controls how your URL is displayed in your users’ browser address bar. For example, you can choose to display www before your domain even when your users don’t enter it, or you can choose to exclude the www from the browser address bar even if your users do enter it.

Follow the instructions below to change your preferred domain setting in Plesk.

1)    Log in to your Plesk control panel.

2)    In the Service Provider View, click Domains in the left-hand menu.



3)    Click Open in Control Panel for the domain you want to change.



4)    Click Hosting Settings next to the domain name.



5)    Next to “Preferred domain,” select the option you require.

  • www.domain.tld – if users type in their browser, they will see the full address including www.
  • domain.tld – if users type in their browser, the address bar will show just
  • None – your domain will appear in the address bar however the user enters it.