SSL certificates help to secure your website so that sensitive data, such as credit card numbers and personal information, are transmitted safely. Below, you will find instructions for purchasing and installing an SSL certificate on your website within Parallels Plesk Panel.

The instructions are broken into the following three steps:

Step 1: Request CSR in Plesk Panel

Step 2: Purchase Certificate in Customer Control Panel

Step 3: Install SSL Certificate in Plesk Panel


Step 1: Request CSR in Plesk

1)    Log in to the Parallels Plesk Panel and make sure you are in the Power User view.

2)    Navigate to the Websites & Domains tab.

3)    Under the domain you want to secure, click Secure Your Sites.



4)    Click Add SSL Certificate.



5)    Enter a certificate name (for your records), and check the contact details. Click Request.



6)    Click on the name of the certificate that you specified.



7)    You can see your CSR and Private Key if you scroll down the page. At this stage, the Certificate section is empty; the next step is to purchase your certificate in the Customer Control Panel. Keep the Plesk Panel open, as you will need to refer to it in a moment.



Step 2: Purchase Certificate in the Customer Control Panel

1)    In a new tab in your browser, log in to the Customer Control Panel.

2)    Navigate to the Account tab and click on Buy More Services.



3)    Select SSL Certificates and follow the SSL certificate wizard to choose the certificate type and subscription period.


4)    In Step 4 of the wizard, enter the CSR that you saw in Step 7, above. Copy and paste the CSR in the box, including the BEGIN CERTIFICATE REQUEST top line, and the END CERTIFICATE REQUEST the bottom line.



5)    Accept the Ingram Micro Cloud Services General Terms of Service and confirm your order details, then click Place Order.

6)    You will receive an email at the address you specified in the order wizard. Follow the instructions in the email to validate your order.

7)    Now you will receive another email, which contains your order confirmation and the certificate properties as text or files. You can also find the properties in the Customer Control Panel by following these steps:

  1. a)Return to the Account tab and click on 


download__85_.pngb)Your SSL Certificate will be in the list of Subscriptions. Click on the subscription name.

c)Navigate to the Service Props  Here, you will see your SSL Certificate properties.



Install Your SSL Certificate in Plesk Panel

1)    In a different browser tab, log in to Parallels Plesk Panel and make sure you are in the Power User View.

2)    Click on Secure your Sites under the domain you want to install the certificate on.




3)    Click the name of the SSL certificate, which you specified earlier while requesting the CSR.

4)    Upload the SSL certificate files, or enter them in text form to the appropriate fields.

5)    After you upload the certificate, you need to activate it on the domain. Navigate back to the Websites & Domains tab and click on Hosting Settings next to the domain name.



6)    In the Security section, make sure the SSL support checkbox is marked and select the name of the certificate that you just uploaded.


7)    Click OK to apply the change.

Your SSL Certificate is now installed on your website.