Once you have created email accounts in Plesk, you might find that you need to set up email forwarding. Follow the instructions below to set up mail forwarding.

1)    Navigate to the Mail tab at the top of the page within the Power User view.


2)    Click the email address on which you need to set up mail forwarding.

3)    Navigate to the Forwarding tab.

4)    Select the Switch on mail forwarding checkbox and enter the email address/es you wish to forward mail to. If forwarding to multiple addresses, separate them with spaces, commas, semi-colons or type each on a new line.


5)    If you do not want to keep copies of forwarded messages in the mailbox, go to the General tab and clear the Mailbox checkbox.


6)   Finally, click OK.

This completes setup of mail forwarding. Any mail sent to the address you have forwarded will now be received at all of the addresses you entered.