Creating and Managing FTP Accounts in Plesk

If you want to manage the content of your website using FTP connections, you will need to create FTP user accounts in Plesk Panel. Below you will find step-by-step instructions for creating and managing FTP accounts in Plesk Panel.

How to Create an FTP Account in Plesk Panel

1)   Log in to Parallels Plesk Panel.

2)   Navigate to the Websites & Domains tab.

  • This tab is visible in Power User view. To navigate here in Service Provider view, click on Domains in the left-hand menu, then click Control Panel next to the domain for which an FTP user has to be created:


3)    Click Show More under the domain to see the options.


4)    Click FTP Access.


5)    Click Add New FTP Account.

6)    Enter the FTP account name, password, and home directory. You can also set restrictions to the disk space and provide “Read and Write” permissions to the user.

You can click the folder icon to the right of the home directory field to change the directory on which you want the user to have permission on.



7)   Finally, click OK to create the account.

You have now created a new FTP account. You can use the login username and password to upload files using an FTP client.

Manage FTP Accounts

Once you have created an FTP account in Plesk, you can manage aspects of the account such as IP address, login credentials, SSH access and disk space quota by following the instructions below.

1)    Click on the hyperlinked name of the FTP user you need to edit.


2)    The Web Hosting Access page will be loaded. From here, you can perform the following functions to manage the FTP account:

  1. Set IP address
  2. Change username and password
  3. Allow or deny SSH access
  4. Set quota on disk space

3)    Make the required changes and click OK.

4)    To remove any of the accounts, click the check box beside the user’s name and then click the Remove icon at the top of the window.




Now you know the basic steps involved in managing FTP user accounts.

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