Reseller accounts can be set up for users who need to sell services to customers. In this article, you will find step-by-step instructions to create a reseller account, and then to manage your reseller accounts.

Creating a Reseller Account

Follow these steps to create a reseller account in Plesk:

1)    Log in to the Parallels Plesk Panel and make sure you are in the Service Provider view.

2)   In the left-hand menu, click the Resellers option under the Hosting Services heading.



3)   Click on the Add New Reseller icon at the top of the page.

4)   Enter the reseller’s contact information in the appropriate fields.

5)   In the Access to Panel section, provide the username and password that the reseller will use to access their control panel.



6)    Select a Service plan to which the reseller will be subscribed.


7)    Finally, click the OK button to create the account.

Your new reseller account has been created.



Managing Reseller Accounts

Now that you have created a reseller account in Plesk, you should learn some of the basic reseller account management functions. Follow the steps below to discover some of the important account management functions for reseller accounts.

1)    In the left-hand menu, click the Resellers option under the Hosting Services heading.




2)    Click on the hyperlinked name of the reseller you need to manage.



3)    The top part of the page contains the reseller’s contact information. Edit it by clicking Edit Contact Info. You can also change their plan, IP addresses, login info, or suspend or remove the customer.



4)    You can check the resources and permissions allocated to a reseller in the bottom part of the page. If you need to change the resources of permissions, click on Customize in the navigation bar at the top of the page.




Now you have an understanding of how to create and manage reseller accounts in Parallels Plesk Panel.