The instructions below explain how to create an email account in Parallels Plesk Panel. There are some options that you should be sure to configure correctly, so we suggest that you follow these instructions carefully the first time you create a mailbox.

1)   In the Power User view, navigate to the Mail tab.



If you are in the Service Provider, you can navigate to the power user control panel by clicking on Domains in the left-hand menu, then Open in Control Panel next to the domain you want to create the email address for.



2)   Click Create E-mail Address.


3)   Enter the following information in the appropriate fields:

·        Email address: Enter the name for the mailbox. This is the part of the email address that appears before the @ symbol.

If you have several domains, choose the domain under which the email should be made.

·        Access to the Control Panel: Leave checked if you want this mailbox user to be able to access the control panel.

·        Password: enter password used to access the control panel.

·        Mailbox: Leave this checkbox selected unless this address is only be used as a forwarder. Specify the mailbox size or leave it as the default size.

After entering all of the above information, click OK to create the mailbox.


Now that your new mailbox has been created, you will be able to use it to send and receive email.