The Parallels Plesk Panel has two main interface views: Power User view and Service Provider view. The instructions below explain the main differences between the two views, and how you can switch between them.


Power User View.


Power User View is a simplified interface where server administrators can manage their websites, email accounts, and other services. Above is a screenshot of this view.

All settings and server management tools are found within the tabs at the top of the page.


Service Provider View



Service Provider view can be used by server administrators, resellers and end users. It is integrated with Customer and Business Manager, a system which invoices and charges your customers automatically. You should use this view even if you use an external billing system but require an interface for your customers to control their hosted services. It looks like the screenshot above.

Settings and tools are found by navigating through the menus found on the left-hand side of the page.


Follow the instructions below to switch between views:

1)    Log in to Plesk Panel.

2)    If you are in Power User view, click on Tools & Settings, which is found within the Server tabThen click on Interface Management in the Panel Appearance section.


If you are in Service Provider view, click on Tools & Settings, located in the left-hand menu. Then click Interface Management under the Panel Appearance heading.


3)    Select the view you need to use, and click OK to apply it.


Now you have an understanding of the different views available in the Parallels Plesk Panel and how to switch between them.