The instructions below explain how to set up your mail server and provide mail services for the users you have created via your Plesk control panel. The Plesk panel works in co-operation with the mail server software that provides mail services for mailboxes and mailing lists. After installation of Plesk, the mail server is configured automatically and is ready to provide mail service.

By default, the Qmail mail server is installed in your Plesk panel for Linux machines. You may also install other mail server software if it is supported by Plesk. Follow these steps to check which mail server software is installed.

To identify which mail server is currently running, follow these steps:

1)    Log in to your Parallels Plesk Panel.

2)    If you are in Power User view, navigate to the Server tab and click Mail Server Settings.



In Service Provider view, click on Tools & Settings below the Server Management heading on the left-hand menu tree, then click Mail Server Settings.


Your server-wide mail settings will be displayed.

3)    If you would like to install and use a different mail server, click the link to navigate to the installation wizard.



4)    Find the Mail Server section, select the server you would like to use, and click OK.

After completing the steps above, you have finished setting up your mail server. Plesk will start using the new mail server without any need for a server restart. You can always change the selected mail server at any time.


The instructions below explain how to find and set up configuration information for the client side.

1)    Log in to your Plesk Control Panel.

2)    Click on Tools & Settings below the Server Management heading on the left-hand menu tree.


(Within the Power User view, the server-wide mail preferences will be shown under the Server tab)



3)    Adjust the settings as required.

  • The Enable mail management functions in Panel option must be left checked if you or your users want to create mail accounts through your Plesk panel and use the mail services provided by the Plesk-managed mail server. If you are using an external mail server, please clear this check box.
  • You can set a Maximum message size if you want to limit the size of an email message that can be sent through your sever; the value should be in kilobytes (KB).
  • Relay options:
  • Closed Relay: Mail server will only accept email addressed to users who have mailboxes on this sever. Users will not be able to send any mail through the mail server.
  • Relay after Authorization: Users can send and receive emails through the mail server. Leave the authorization is required option selected. Below are the types of authorization methods:

?   POP3 lock time: with POP3 authorization

?   SMTP: with SMTP authorization



4)    You can select the antivirus program that should be used on the server by navigating to the Antivirus sub-tab.

5)    You can also select the spam protection options that should be used on the server within the Spam Filtering sub-tab.


6)     Click OK to submit any changes.

Now you have finished configuring your Plesk mail server. You may create mail accounts and access your emails via webmail or any other email client.