In order to use File Transfer Protocol (FTP) on Linux, you will need to enable Secure Shell (SSH). If you do not have Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) access, please contact the Ingram Micro Cloud Service Desk.

Once you have received confirmation that SSH has been enabled, follow the steps detailed below in order to access your webspace:

1) Login to your Customer Control Panel (CCP)




2) Select the ‘Websites’ tab




3) On the ‘Websites’ page, click on the website link




4) Open ‘Web Hosting Settings’ link > ‘General’ tab and click the Edit button




5) Under ‘SSH Access Configuration’, create your password and click the Submit button




6) Now that SSH has been enabled, open FileZilla

7) Login to your webspace by providing:



1) IP address

2) Username

3) Password

4) Port: 2022