You can use an FTP connection to upload your content to the server and make it public. The instructions below show how to find your FTP information so that you can use your preferred FTP software to connect with the server.

Note: You will need additional software not provided by Ingram Micro, such as an FTP program.


1)    Log in to your Customer Control Panel. If you have multiple subscriptions, choose the correct subscription under the Select Subscription drop-down list.


2)    Navigate to the Websites tab to see the list of webspaces available for your subscription. You should see the domains assigned to the webspaces.


3)    Click on the domain name to see the details screen for this webspace.

4)    Take note of your domain’s root folder, located in the Hosting Services section at the bottom of the page. This is where you need to store files for that domain, and is especially important if you have multiple domains hosted on the same webspace.


5)    Now, locate your FTP login credentials. Note that you will click “FTP Access” for a Linux webspace and “Web Hosting Settings” for a Windows webspace.




For a Linux webspace, click FTP Access to see your FTP Access details.





For a Windows webspace, click Web Hosting Settings To see your FTP Access details.


By default, you will need to reset your password: simply click Edit at the bottom of the page to enter a new FTP password.

Once you have reset the password, use the information to log in with your favourite FTP program.

Now, with your FTP program make your connection to the server and locate your root folder, identified in Step 4.


Any content you upload for your domain root location will be available by the domain.