Ingram Micro Linux Shared Hosting users can use .htaccess files to override a subset of the server’s global configuration. These files can be uploaded via FTP client or the File Manager, and they work on the directory in which they are placed and all sub-directories.

After uploading a new .htaccess file, users must log in to their Customer Control Panel and follow the instructions below to activate the file and make sure it takes effect. There is no need to do this step each time the file is modified since the Apache server keeps a list of existing .htaccess files and ensures that they are updated upon every request to a website.

1)    Log in to Customer Control Panel.

2)    Select your hosting subscription from the Subscription selector at the top of the Panel screen.


3)    Go to Websites, click the name of the desired site domain.


 The Web Hosting Settings page will be displayed.


4)    Select the General tab and then click the Sync htaccess button. Changes are applied in a second.



Your new .htaccess file will take effect on the directory you uploaded it to, and all sub-directories.