Databases are common tools for running websites. One or more MySQL databases are included with your Web Hosting subscription depending on which plan you purchase. The instructions below will show you how to first create a new MySQL database, and then how you can manage your databases.

Creating a MySQL database

1)    First log in to your Customer Control Panel and select your subscription from the drop-down list on the top right.



2)    Once logged in, navigate to the More Services tab, and then click Databases.


3)    Click on Add New Database.  You will be presented with a drop-down list of database types you can create. If the database type that you want to create is not on the list, you will need to purchase additional databases.


4)    Fill out the basic information for the database you wish to create, then click Next.



5)    Check that you have entered the correct database information, and click Finish. 

Managing SQL server

To manage a MySQL server, return to More Services and click on Databases to see the list of your databases. Click the link name to see the details of the database. Use the browser database manager to open the web tool for your database.

The database is a very powerful tool for storing and managing data.  Databases are now a must in the industry because most web applications will not function without them. Knowing how to manage them manually is not always necessary as the applications will use them automatically, but knowing how to access them and make minor changes is handy.