In order to upload your website, you need to make sure that your domain is registered and properly attached to your hosting plan. Follow the instructions below to add your domain, and then attach it to your hosting subscription.


1)    First go to the Customer Control Panel, log in to your account, and then choose All Domains in the upper right drop-down menu.


2)    Navigate to the Hosted Domains tab.


You will see a list of the domains you have already added with us.  In the example is registered with Ingram Micro Cloud.

3)    If your domain is registered with another provider but you would like to host it using your Ingram Micro hosting subscription, click Add Existing Domain Registered Elsewhere.

4)    Fill in the appropriate fields in the form on the next page. At this point you can select the subscriptions you would like to associate with this domain.



5)    Once you have completed the change and click on Next, the system will show you a summary. Take note of your name servers as you may want to update your registrar to these values for your domain name.

Once this is done, you will have the ability to create DNS records for your domain. If you have added web hosting, you will see the domain listed under the Website tab so that you can start updating your site. If you added mail hosting, that domain will be available to create email addresses.