When WHOIS privacy is enabled, the personal information you use to register your domain is hidden from public view. Without WHOIS privacy, your address, phone number, email and other personal information can be seen by anyone on the Internet.

WHOIS privacy can be set, with an additional annual fee, on any of your domains that are registered through Ingram Micro Cloud. Please note that the privacy applies to each domain. If you want to apply it to multiple domains, you need to enable it separately for each domain.

To enable the WHOIS privacy for your domain, please follow these steps:

1)    Log in to your Ingram Micro Cloud Customer Control Panel.

2)    Select All Domains from the drop down menu at the top, right-hand side of the page.


3)    Navigate to the Registered Domains tab.


4)    Click on the Domain you wish to manage

5)    Click on Upgrade Resource Limits.


6)    Use the drop-down menu to select On or Off and click Next.


7)    Confirm the details and click Place Order.

Your personal information will now be hidden from view under WHOIS lookups. It may take a few minutes up to 24 hours for the change to take effect.