Follow the instructions in this article to reset the Administrator’s password (for accessing the Azure Portal). You can also reset this password directly on the Microsoft Azure platform. Reference this article for assistance: How to Reset Password on the Azure Portal

1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the Azure subscription.


3) On the ‘Azure’ page, click RESET PASSWORD on the ‘Microsoft Azure Portal’ tile.


4) The ‘Reset Password’ pop-up window opens. Choose the appropriate contacts to send the email to. These contacts are generated from the list of users within the CCP. If you don’t see the correct email address required, add a user to the CCP. Click the Send Email button.


5) A pop-up alert lets you know that an email is being sent.


6) The Administrator will receive an email with the following information:


  1. Temporary password
  2. Username
  3. URL to the Azure portal



7) Open the URL (provided in the email) and enter the username.


8) Enter the username and temporary password provided in the email and then click the Sign in button.


9) Create your new password and once complete you will receive a verification that the password has been changed. You will be invited to log in using your new password