If you have forgotten you password, you can follow the steps described below:


 1) Open the sign-in page to MS Azure portal


2) If you forgot your password and cannot access the account, click the Can’t access your account? Link


3) Identify whether this is a work/school account or personal account


 4) It takes you to ‘Get back into your account’ page opens


 5) Enter the characters from the picture/audio and click on the Next button.


6) The ‘Get back into your account > verification step 1 > choose a new password’ page opens, with a secondary email ID displayed (this is where MS will send you a new temporary password)


 7) Click the Email button.


 8) MS will notify you that they have sent a verification code.


 9) Copy and paste the verification code into the provided field


 10) Click the Next button


 11) Create and verify your new password.


 12) Click the Finish button.


 13) You will receive a confirmation message that your password has been successfully reset


Now you can use the one-click, sign-in button to log unto your Azure account (refer to ‘How to: Access Microsoft Azure Portal Using One-click Sign-in’).

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