mceclip26.pngmceclip25.pngYou can deploy multiple resources to Azure by using workload templates. A workload template is a JSON file that declares storage, networking, and computing resources.

Workload templates can be any one of the following:

  • Your own custom workload template;
  • Workload templates recommended by the Service Provider;
  • One of the hundreds of community-driven templates available on GitHub or;
  • Workload templates previously saved in the Customer Control Panel (CCP).

The following table describes which option to select for accessing these different sources:


Use this option to select workload templates recommended by your Service Provider. 


Use this option to select your own customized workload template or a  template downloaded from GitHub.


Use this option to re-use previously saved workload templates.

Note: This option becomes available once you have saved at least one workload template.


Using Your Own Customized Workload Template or a Workload Template fromGitHub

You can follow the steps in this section if you are creating your own workload template or using a workload template downloaded from GitHub. Before you begin, ensure your workload template or the GitHub workload template is saved locally on your machine, as a JSON file.


Note: You will be required to have an account with GitHub in order to access their workload templates.


Note: If you are creating  your own workload template for the first time, it is recommended that you  follow Microsoft’s best practices’ guidelines or refer to Microsoft’s step-by-step instructions for creating a workload template.


1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the Azure subscription you want to deploy resources for


3) On the ‘Azure’ page, click on the MANAGE > Manage Resources.


4) On the Manage Resources pop – up, select DEPLOY NEW RESOURCES option.


5) Under DEPLOY NEW RESOURCES, select the ‘Upload templates’ option.


6) In the browser pop-up window navigate to the JSON file (either your customized one or the template downloaded from GitHub)


7) (optional) If you want to re-use this template tick the ‘Save in my Templates for future use’ checkbox 


8) Provide filename, short description and long descriptions (for easy future reference) and then click the Next button.


9) Specify parameters

IMPORTANT! If these parameters are not input accurately, errors will be generated.

10) Under the ‘Specify Resource Group’ section, create/select a resource group; select a region and then click the Next button.

11) Resources will be created with the uploaded template.

Using a Quickstart Workload Template

Quickstart workload templates are provided by Service Providers. Follow the steps in this section to use their workload templates.

1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the Azure subscription you want to deploy resources to


3) On the ‘Azure’ page, click the MANAGE > Manage Resources option on the ‘Infrastructure’ tile


4) Select Deploy New Resources option.


5) Under Deploy New Resources, select Recommended Template option.


6) Choose the template from the available options.


7) Click on MORE INFO to view the details of the template


8) Review the details of the selected Template.


9) Click on the NEXT button.


10) Specify the Resource parameters.


11) Create New Resource.

  • Provide New Resource Group name
  • Select Region
  • Click on the NEXT


12) Review the Newly Created Resource Group information.


13) Scroll down and click on the DEPLOY button.

Read the Notice before deploy.



14) You will see the notification at the top right notification area.