Resource usage reports will help you see which resources are generating most of your expenses. Based on these reports you can also decide whether you want to turn these resources off when they are not in use, etc.

By default ‘Summary Usage for Billing Period’ is always available but in addition to this report you can set up other usage reports based on the kind of information you want to be reflected on the report.

You can download all reports by clicking the Download CSV button (refer to ‘Downloading reports as CSV files"\).

This article details the following:


i)   Opening the ‘Resource Usage Report’ page

ii)  Understanding usage reports (using ‘Summary Usage for Billing Period’ as its example)

iii) Generating other reports

iv) Downloading reports as CSV files


Opening the ‘Resource Usage Report’ Page


1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)



2) Select the Azure subscription


3) On the ‘Azure’ page, click the VIEW USAGE REPORT option on the ‘Consumed Resource Amount’ tile


The ‘Resource Usage Report page opens


Understanding the Usage Report


When you land on the ‘Resource Usage Report’ page, the ‘Summary Usage for Billing Period’ report is displayed by default (refer to the section ’Opening the ‘Resource Usage Report’ Page’ to learn how to navigate to the ‘Resource Usage Report’ page). This report details resource usage for the current billing period.


1) The top section provides important information about the displayed report such as its type; billing period; and applicable filters.

2) The details section of a usage report has columns that list labels for resources and any applicable filters. The report also has columns for: ‘Consumed Amount’; ‘Invoiced Amount’ and ‘Un-billed Amount’. ‘Un-billed Amount’ lets you see usage that has not been billed yet but is counted under ‘Consumed Amount’.

3) The bottom shows the total number of items; the number of items listed on the current page and; Next and Previous links to navigate to all the pages that have items listed on them.

Generating Filtered Reports

In addition to the current ‘Summary Usage for Billing Period’ report, you can generate additional usage reports such as one that reflects historic usage.

Follow the instructions in this section to generate additional usage reports:

1) Open the ‘Resource Usage Report’ page


2) Click the Setup Report button


3) In the pop-up window, you can use a combination of the different criteria to generate other usage reports by selecting from the drop-down options


Pop-up Window:


4) When you have finished selecting the criterion/criteria, click the Apply button


5) The report will be displayed on the ‘Resource Usage Report’ page


Downloading Reports as CSV Files

1) All reports can be downloaded as a CSV file. Just click the DOWNLOAD CSV button



2) The report is downloaded. You can click to open and view it in any software that reads .csv files: