This document will provide you with necessary information about Azure Reseller option to add the MPN Id, Edit Total Cost of Azure Services and Generate report.


  1. Log in to your New Unified Reseller Control Panel (RCP) and switch to Classic Panel.

  2. Don't Click on Billing, Select Azure Reseller in the left side menu, under Services.


3. It will provide following options for Microsoft Azure:

              a. General: To add or edit MPN Id. (This is also a part of Initial Setup of Azure Services)

              b. Edit Total Cost of Azure Services.



             c. Price Configuration: To view the list of price set for different plan.



             c. Customers: List of customers having Azure subscription.


             d. Alerts: Enable/ Disable default alerts. Custom Budget Alerts.


             e. Usage Report: Option to download usage report in .CSV





This document has outlined about Azure Reseller services.