Automatic renewal is enabled for Azure subscriptions by default. A subscription that has automatic renewal disabled can have automatic renewal re-enabled by following the same steps below however for step 4 the ‘Disable Automatic Renewal’ option on the ‘Subscription’ tile will now be the ‘Enable Automatic Renewal’ option.

Follow the instructions in this article to disable auto-renew:

1) Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)


2) Select the Azure subscription


3) On the ‘Azure’ page, click the MANAGE option on the ‘Administration’ tile


4) On the ‘Administration’ page, click the ACTION > ‘Disable Automatic Renewal’ option on the ‘Subscription’ tile


5) You will receive a confirmation alert that automatic renewal has been disabled.


Once a subscription’s automatic renewal has been disabled; all subsequent renewals will need to be performed manually (refer to ‘How to: Manually Renew Your Azure Subscription’ for detailed instructions).

To Re – enable Automatic Renewal

1) Please follow the above procedure till the step number 3.

2) On the Administration page, select ACTION > Enable Automatic Renewal.


 3) You will receive a notification at the top right corner of the Customer Control Panel.


 4) Subscription’s Automatic Renewal status will be turned to Enabled.