A customer can decide to switch to a Cloud Solution Provider partner or another partner for their Microsoft Azure services. This is, however, a manual process that requires both partner and customer actions. To transfer an Azure CSP subscription to Ingram Micro, follow the below process.


  1. Add Customer information to your Reseller Control Panel. Reference How To Add a New Customer.
  2. Customer must add Ingram Micro as an authorized distributor. Reference Accept Authorization Here.
  3. Fill out CSP Subscription Transfer form.
  4. Complete Customer information, and sections 1 and 2 of the form.
    • Note – All signatures must be within 10 days of submission to Microsoft.
  5. Email the form to Ingram Cloud Sales Representative requesting for completion of section 4 and signature.
  6. Ingram Cloud Sales will email signed form back to Reseller point of contact.
  7. Email CSP Subscription Transfer form to Current CSP for completion of section 3 and signature.
  8. Request to the Current CSP to initiate the transfer process with Microsoft once form is fully completed and signed.
  9. Notify Ingram Cloud Sales once Microsoft has completed the transfer. Send the Ingram Team the signed CSP Transfer Form and any relevant completion notifications. 
  10. Ingram Cloud Sales will coordinate with Operations to finalize transfer process internally. SLA: 24-72 hours
  11. Ingram Cloud Sales will notify Reseller point of contact once transfer has been finalized.
  12. Confirm by checking the applicable Customer Control Panel to ensure Azure subscription is present.


  • For additional Microsoft information and assistance completing the CSP Subscription Transfer form, reference Transfer Azure subscriptions.
  • Where to find the Subscription GUID - Azure Portal >> Subscriptions >> Subscription ID mceclip0.png

  • Where to find the Microsoft Tenant ID - Azure Portal >> Azure Active Directory >> Overview (See screenshot below and also reference Find your Office 365 tenant ID.) mceclip1.png 

  • Sections 3 and 4 of the CSP Subscription Transfer form contain the information of either the Indirect Provider or Direct Partner information.


Have further questions? Contact our team at IaaS@ingrammicro.com.