Quotas define the limits of resources that a user subscription can provision or consume. Each resource can have its own types of quotas. If you’ve worked with Azure, there are certain default limits that you might have encountered.

If you want to raise the limit or quota above the default limit for specific Azure services, you can initiate a request from the Azure portal:



or request this increase by contacting the Ingram Micro Cloud Support Team.

  1. Call, Email, or Chat with our Ingram Micro Cloud Support Team.
  2. Provide the below information available to the Support Team:
    • Customer Name:
    • Customer Domain:
    • Customer Marketplace ID Number:
    • Reseller Marketplace ID Number:
    • Azure Subscription ID:
  • Indicate Issue Type is “Service and Subscription Limits (Quotas)”.
  • Indicate the Quota Type from list below.
  • If requesting a vCPU quota increase, indicate the below information for the Support Team.
    • Region/Location
    • Type (Spot, Standard, or both)
    • SKU series (example: Dv3 Series)
    • Desired new quota limits
    • Current limits
  • If requesting a Networking quota increase, indicate the applicable resources.
  • Depending on Quota Type chosen, be prepared to provide the Ingram Cloud Support with additional details upon request.
  1. The Cloud Support Team will create a new support request with Microsoft and will coordinate directly with the Microsoft Support Team to enable quota changes.

For information listing the most common Microsoft Azure limits (quotas), reference Azure subscription and service limits, quotas, and constraints.

To learn more about standard vCPU quotas, see Virtual machine vCPU quotas.