1. Navigate to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP).

  2. Click on the Marketplace tab on the left panel of the RCP and type Azure in the search box and click on Azure New Commerce Experience (NCE) in the suggestion result from the search box.

  3. Under Service Plans, click on the ADD TO CART.

  4. Scroll up and click on the Cart icon.

  5. On the “Place an Order” page, click Next.

  6. Select the customer from the list of an existing customer, or you can create a new customer as well if you are placing this order for a new customer.

  7. Your MPN ID should auto-populate assuming you’ve re-loaded it under the Azure Reseller (NCE) tab of the RCP. If it doesn’t auto-populate, refer to Updating your MPN ID for Azure NCE Orders to update your MPN ID. Please verify that you are using your Location MPN ID to purchase the Azure NCE Subscription. This would be the Location MPN ID that you signed and Accepted the Microsoft Relationship.

  8. Select the appropriate option. Provide the Microsoft tenant name, and click on the CHECK NAME. (Options Available at the Cloud Marketplace for Microsoft Tenant Domain While Purchasing the Azure NCE Subscription)

  9. NOTE: You may receive this error message if the tenant domain hasn’t accepted the CSP relationship.

  10. You may need to accept the Microsoft Customer Agreement if it’s the Customer’s 1st order. When ready, click Next.

  11. Review the order details and click on the BUY button.

  12. You will receive an Order Number.

  13. Log in as a customer to see the Azure CSP NCE enablement.

  14. Login to the Azure portal using the Microsoft User ID ( found within the Azure tile of the Customer Control Panel (CCP). Watch this video (Accessing Your Azure Subscription (Azure Access Control)) for assistance in accessing your Azure subscription.

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