If you want to purchase the Azure NCE subscription for your ConnectWise customers, so you have to synchronize the Azure NCE subscription with ConnectWise platform. This article will provide you with the necessary instructions for synchronization.


  1. Go to your Reseller Control Panel and click on Sign in button.


  1. Provide your credentials and Log in.


  1. Now click on PSA Integrations tile.


  1. On the ConnectWise tile, click on the MANAGE button.


  1. Here you will see the available ConnectWise customers with Azure NCE subscription. Click on the SYNC CHANGES button.


  1. Select the ConnectWise Customer from the list.


  1. Now go to the ConnectWise portal window and navigate to Agreement Search >> Agreement tab. Now look for Azure NCE Agreement and click on it.


  1. Now go to Addition 3 tab.


  1. Go back to the Reseller Control Panel tab from the web browser and click on the CONTINUE button.


  1. Now select Total Cost of Azure Services from the Product list dropdown.


  1. Once selected, click on the CONTINUE button.


  1. Select Azure NCE from the Agreement dropdown.


  1. Review the price and cost details and click on the SYNC button.


  1. You will see a message on screen, Changes Applied.


  1. Now go back to the ConnectWise Portal for verification.


  1. Click on the Search button.


  1. Here you can see that the changes are applied successfully.