1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP) mceclip0.png 

  2. Click on the Marketplace tab. mceclip1.png

  3. Navigate to the Search bar and search for Azure NCE. Click “Add to Cart” once the offering appears. mceclip2.png 

  4. Click on the Shopping Cart to start checking out. mceclip3.png 

  5. Click Next. mceclip4.png 

  6. Choose the appropriate option. Input a Microsoft Domain and click “Check”. Input the Indirect Reseller’s MPN ID. Accept the Microsoft Cloud Agreement if applicable. Click Next. mceclip5.png

    • Importing an Existing Microsoft Online Account Example mceclip6.png 

    • Use an Existing Microsoft Online Registered with Us Example mceclip7.png 

  7. Review the Azure NCE order. Click “Buy” to place the order. mceclip8.png 

  8. An order number is generated. Once the Azure subscription is created, you can deploy Azure resources through the Azure Portal. The User ID listed within the Azure NCE tile has default owner access to view this new subscription. You’ll need to log into the Azure Portal with this User ID initially. From there, you can extend other User ID’s roles to view and manage this Azure subscription. mceclip9.png 

  9. An order confirmation email is sent to the Billing Contact listed in the Customer Control Panel. mceclip10.png