1. Log in to the Customer Control Panel (CCP)mceclip0.png 

  2. Click on Account. mceclip1.png 

  3. Click on Subscriptions. Then click on the Azure NCE subscription you wish to cancel. mceclip2.png

  4. Click “Cancel Subscription”. mceclip3.png 

  5. In the ‘Do you want to cancel “Azure New Commerce Experience (NCE)”?’ pop-up window:
    • Select a reason for cancelling the Azure subscription from the list of dropdown options
    • (optional) Enter additional comments in the ‘Your Comment’ box.
    • Click on the PROCEED

  6. The Billing Contact listed within the Customer Control Panel (CCP) will receive a confirmation alert stating, " Your Cancellation Order CL000355 is now complete". mceclip5.png 

  7. Please note that the order may stay in “Pending Approval” status for 24-48 hours. Once the order is complete the order status will show “Completed” and the Subscription status will reflect “Terminated”. mceclip6.png