To effectively purchase New Commerce Experience (NCE) products, Microsoft Partner Network accounts should be transacted using the Location MPN ID to ensure accurate partner billing and currency by location. 

Please see distinction between the two:

(MPN = Microsoft Partner Network)

  • The global MPN ID identifies the equivalent of a company's headquarters. It's used for non-transactional activities such as support requests.
  • A location MPN ID identifies a company subsidiary. It's used to enroll in incentive programs, to transact Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) business, and other business transactions. Payouts are tied to these specific locations.


  1. Navigate to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP).

  2. Click on the Reseller Authorization tab on the left panel of the RCP.

  3. Click NCE Microsoft Azure Manage.

  4. Under Parameters click on Edit to change to the Location MPN.

  5. Enter in the correct Location MPN in the Microsoft Partner Number box. Select "Yes" for Partnership Completed. Select "Yes" for did you accept the Microsoft Partner Agreement.  Be sure that the Indirect Reseller Agreement has been accepted. Click Save.