With the launch of the Azure Plan (Azure New Commerce Experience), you’ll want to re-load your MPN ID before you create your first Azure NCE subscription. If you fail to re-load your MPN ID within the Reseller Control Panel, you may incur errors upon creation.

(MPN = Microsoft Partner Network)


1. Navigate to your Reseller Control Panel (RCP)



2. Click on the Azure Reseller (NCE) tab on the left panel of the RCP.



3. Click Edit to input your MPN ID



4. Uncheck the radio button if you have an MPN ID. By default, this box is checked, and you should update this information if you have an MPN ID and are participating as an Indirect Reseller.



5. Input your MPN ID and click Save.



6. You should see you MPN ID now loaded and you’re ready to create an Azure NCE subscription ID. Your MPN ID will auto-populate for future Azure NCE orders.