Ingram Micro Resellers are entitled to 7% Standard Margin.

Keeping this in mind, you can compare your invoice with your Customer’s invoice to determine whether you are charging the most cost effective rates.

Refer to the following articles to access Customer and Reseller invoices:

If your Customer’s Billing Term has closed but your Reseller Billing Term has not closed yet, apply the following formula to manually calculate your cost:

Assuming your margin is 7%, you can multiply this margin with the amount on your Customer’s invoice (Customer Cost) and then subtract this amount from the Customer Cost, i.e:

Reseller Cost = Customer Cost – (Customer Cost * 7/100)

For example:

If your Customer’s cost is $68.64, apply the above formula to calculate your cost:

Reseller Cost = 68.64 – (68.64 * 7/100) = $63.84

If both your Customer’s Billing Terms and your Reseller Billing Terms are closed you can follow the steps detailed below to access your customer’s and your invoices.


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