This article will provide you with the necessary information about How to Setup Sophos with Ingram Micro. You can register yourself as a Sophos Reseller for Cyber Security. Please follow the below process to register and place an order for Sophos Central – MSP Connect Flex from the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace.


  1. Sign up as a Sophos Reseller – sophos.com/msp
  2. Once approved and have received portal access, log into the partner portal https://www.sophos.com/en-us/partners.aspx
  3. Select “Manage Sophos Central” which redirects to the Partner central dashboard login.


  1. Select “Settings and Policies” > API Credentials


  1. Select “Add Credentials”


  1. Create the credential- “Ingram Marketplace” recommended.


  1. A client ID will be generated and will be required to set up reseller account on the Ingram Marketplace


  1. Log into the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace and select the MSP Connect Sophos plan


  1. Proceed through purchasing steps, for the initial set up, use your company as the customer


  1. Complete the purchase process.


  1. Access the classic panel (Top right of the marketplace)


  1. Select “Products” on the far-left column.


  1. Select “requires attention” which will redirect to the credentials page.


  1. Insert credentials and click submit.


  • Sophos Central ID- Email used to log into Sophos
  • Sophos central client ID & Sophos Central Client secret available in Sophos portal (Shown Below)



  1. Go to classic, select products, verify status shows “Ready.” Set up is now complete


The credentialing process is required 1 time only.

New customers simply select the Sophos plan in the marketplace, “add to existing” or “create a customer” and “purchase” the pay as you go plan.

Once the purchase has completed, the customer details and information will auto-populate into the Sophos Central Portal. All licensing will be deployed via the Sophos Portal.


2 certifications are required in order to begin provisioning Sophos

The 2 certificates usually take 3-4 hours, depending on distractions and your experience level with the technology. They are available in Sophos partner central- partner portal

  • SC01 - Sales Fundamentals - Sales Consultant    
  • MSP01 - Sophos MSP Connect - Sales Consultant