1. When we convert a customer, will it automatically convert to annual billing or


All licenses will upgrade to SEP Cloud for Devices (Monthly) subscriptions.

2. How is enduser information pulled into the Ingram Micro Marketplace console?

Ingram has mapped Symantec Partner IDs to Ingram Micro Reseller IDs

3. When will I receive the credit memo for the difference in the discount pricing and the

billed price?

1 month after migration and just on the licenses moved at the time of migration. The

credit equates to 1-month difference between standard and bridge pricing.

Example- 1 license migrated.

(Device) $1.65 (Standard price) -$1.12 (bridge price) = $0.53 credit

(Server) $2.53 (Standard price) ‐ $1.12(bridge price) = $1.41 credit

*Add on licenses will receive bridge pricing

4. How can I apply the credit memo?

A credit memo will be issued and available to view in your marketplace account. If you

are on credit card, credits will be automatically applied to invoices. To apply the credit

on a terms account, a request must be sent to IMCloudServiceDesk@cloud.im

5. In a year, pricing will increase to the standard price on the market place. When will

this take place and how will I be notified?

Invoicing will continue at standard price; the credits will be issued 12 consecutive


6. If I cancel a Symantec license mid-month, will I receive a credit for the remainder of

the term?

No credits will be issued for time remaining in a Symantec Cloud subscription. Services

are available for minimum commitment of one (1) month. Services will auto renew for

an additional one (1) month, as applicable, unless you cancel the services prior to the

expiration of the term.

7. If I have existing customer account on the marketplace, will the Symantec

subscriptions populate in the accounts control panel?

In some instances, an effect of the ExSP migration process will create second enduser

account on the Marketplace platform (control panel). Ingram will manually correct the

situation post-migration for those partners who fall into this scenario.

8. Will I receive an invoice for every new partner that is migrated into the marketplace?

How will the credit memos be applied to the multiple invoices?

If the payment option is credit card, charge will be applied for each subscription.

Consolidated invoicing is available via net terms. Marketplace billing integration is

available with the purchase of IDSYNC.

More info on net terms review the following article link:


9. What is the process and price when purchasing for net new endusers?

The cost of licenses for net new endusers will be standard price located on the market

place- $1.65 for endpoints and $2.53 for servers. New customers will need to be set up

in the traditional manner when purchasing.

10. What happens to my NFR (not for resale) licenses?

NFR licenses will be converted to paid subscription licenses.

11. Will my cost for the new license be pro-rated when I migrate/upgrade?

Partners will be invoiced for the full cost of a SEP C license regardless of when the

upgrade to SEP C. The cost for the licenses on the EXSP program will be prorated for the

time prior to the migration.