1. Login to your Customer Control Panel & Click on Norton WIFI Privacy subscription name in the left side menu.


2. Here you get a dashboard with the Information and Users Tab.


3. Click on ADD NEW USER option under Norton Users section to create a user.

4. Click on ADD NEW USERS & provide the details:


       Scroll the page down & assign services to this user:


       Scroll down the page again & tick the box so that the user can receive the activation email & click Next:


5. Select Norton Wifi Privacy from this page & click on Next:


6. Once user will be created, you will get a notification popup at the right top corner


  1. On the Subscription page, you can now see that the user has been added & the service has been assigned:


     8. After a user(s) will be created, they will get a welcome email from Norton on provided email                      address.

     9. User(s) can login to management portal and access their Norton Services.

    10. This management portal is for both the users and admin.

Management Portal URL: https://manage-int2.norton.com/p/6884