Starter Guide

DeliverySlip is a simplified secure messaging and productivity application that enables businesses to communicate securely on any device and is supported by Outlook, Gmail and Office 365.

This Starter Guide outlines the steps required to set up the Delivery Slip Secure Messaging Customer Portal; create and manage Users with access to the Customer Portal and; preliminary steps to begin sending and receiving secure messages. It assumes that you have already purchased the subscription on behalf of your customer; see this article if you need step-by-step instructions.


In the Cloud Marketplace

You can find DeliverySlip on the Ingram Micro Cloud Marketplace under CLOUD SERVICES > SECURITY.

IMPORTANT! Your purchase will not provision if you make a large order that exceeds your credit limit.

Subscription Management

All DeliverySlip service plans are available as trial versions. If you increase the resource limits on a subscription then trial versions will be automatically converted to paid versions (refer to this article for detailed instructions on modifying the resource limits).

Each service plan has a required minimum number of licenses (Users), the resource limit cannot be reduced below this (refer to this article for detailed instructions on modifying the number of licenses). There is also a cap on the maximum number of licenses (Users) for each service plan. If more than the permitted number of Users are required than the Customer’s current subscription must be cancelled and a new service plan will need to be purchased.

If Customers wish to cancel a DeliverySlip subscription they may follow the instructions in this article ‘How to: Cancel a Subscription’. Cancelled subscriptions must be approved by the Reseller (refer to ‘Submitting Subscription Cancellations through the Reseller Control Panel’ from step 11 onwards). Once cancelled they cannot be re-enabled and a fresh purchase from the CMP will be required.

In the Customer Control Panel

You can complete provisioning DeliverySlip from the Customer Control Panel. Following are the required steps to be performed:

Step 1: Create Customer Portal

The first step in provisioning DeliverySlip is to create the Customer Portal for the Account Administrator’s (Customer’s) access. The Customer’s required information is pulled from the Customer’s Account (refer to this article for detailed steps).

Step 2: Creating Users’ Customer Portal Login Credentials

After the Customer Portal has been created, you will need to create login credentials for the Users who will be sending secure messages (refer to this article for step-by-step instructions). Users that will only be receiving secure messages may be invited to create a Guest User account simply by sending them a secure message (this way a license is not consumed).

Step 3: Sending and Receiving Messages with DeliverySlip Secure Messaging

When Customers and Users have login credentials for the DeliverySlip Customer Portal, they will be able to log in to send and receive messages. Users that will only be receiving secure messages may create a Guest User profile to receive secure messages, refer to ‘PRO vs. Guest Users’ to learn more about Guest Users.

Other actions that can be performed within the Customer Control Panel are:

Support Reference

For all questions related to using DeliverySlip, please refer to the following online help:

For all questions related to the Reseller Control Panel, Customer Control Panel and provisioning the subscription please refer to the L2 Channel Support - Directory for local support information.