Resellers and customers can login to the Customer Control Panel to place an order for Delivery Slip Secure Messaging subscription. Please follow below process.


  1. Login to Your Customer Control Panel.


  1. Click on Marketplace in the left hand menu.


  1. Click on Security


  1. Select Cirius Secure Email


  1. Select your preferred plan of DeliverySlip for 365.


  1. Scroll down, select the duration and click on NEXT


  1. Select number of licenses and click on NEXT


  1. If you want to link a domain, so click on Link d Domain to Service.


  1. Else, you can select Don’t link a Domain and click on NEXT


  1. Type a PO Number for personal reference (Optional) and click on FINISH.


  1. Check your order details on Confirm Your Purchase page, agree to ‘Terms and Conditions’ and click on PURCHASE.


  1. You will get notification at the top right corner.


  1. Once the order will be provisioned, you will be able to use the services.