This article describes what URL or domains should be whitelisted for the proper functioning of your portal, and why IP whitelisting is not possible.

Some organizations and/or users have a Firewall or Proxy Sever configured in their environment. Occasionally the Firewall or Proxy Server settings can prevent users from connecting to our servers impacting use of both the Webapp and the Outlook Add-in installation and functioning.

If a user experiences any of the following scenarios:

  • A user attempts to register and nothing happens
  • A user attempts to login and nothing happens
  • A user attempts to download the Outlook add-in and nothing happens

We recommend that the customer white-lists the following sites / URLs / domains:


Some organizations use IP address blocking within their firewall. Since our service is hosted in Microsoft Azure, IP addresses for some services may change over time, and depends on geographic location. Additionally, the service uses tools such as Azure Traffic Manager to ensure high-availability, access based on regional proximity, protection from DDOS attacks, etc. This configuration leverages IP Addresses on-demand to give our customers the best possible user experience. Because of this cloud configuration, we are only able to provide the URL / domains for white-listing as described above.