Okta is a single-sign on provider, which makes it easy to manage your SAAS application logins and permissions. Follow this simple guide to get your Okta account tied to your DeliverySlip account.

Configuration Steps

Sign in as an Okta Administrator

  • Click on the Applications tab
  • Click on Add Application button
  • Click on Create New App button


Create a New Application Integration Page

  • Set Platform field to Web
  • Set the Sign on method to SAML 2.0

Click on the Create button to continue.

General Settings Page

Specify App name (DeliverySlip) and App logo (DeliverySlip logo can be downloaded from here.)

Currently, the DeliverySlip application cannot be launched from the OKTA Dashboard. To avoid user confusion, check Do not display application icon to users and Do not display application icon in the OKTA Mobile App.

Click on the Next button to configure SAML Settings.

SAML Settings

The Single sign on URL should be https://auth.secure-messaging.com/saml/response/default.aspx
For the Audience URI (SP Entity ID) field, enter in any text. Once process is completed, DeliverySlip Support will provide a specific Entity ID that can be used at a later time.

Set Audience URI (SP Entity ID) as EmailAddress
Set Audience URI (SP Entity ID) as Email

Attribute Statements

To correctly register a user, DeliverySlip requires three additional pieces of information: First Name, Last Name and user Email Address.

  • For the first attribute, enter FirstName and specify a value of user.firstName then click on the Add Another button.
  • For the second attribute, enter LastName and specify a value of user.lastName then click on the Add Another button.
  • For the third attribute, enter EmailAddress and specify user.email.


Click on the Next button to continue.

Okta Support Information

Select I’m an Okta customer adding an internal app and then check It’s required to contact the vendor to enable SAML

Click on the Next button to continue.

Completing SAML Configuration

After the application is configured, a sign-on settings page is displayed. Click on the View Setup Instructions button.<

A new page is displayed with the title How to Configure SAML 2.0 for DeliverySlip Application. Content from this page will be submitted to DeliverySlip Support to complete configuration and provide the SP Entity ID.
Compose a new email to wilson@deliveryslip.com with a subject line of OKTA SAML Configuration. In the body of the email, specify:

  • Identity Provider Single Sign-On URL
  • Identity Provider Issuer
  • Attach X.509 Certificate

DeliverySlip will complete configuration and respond with a GUID that will be used for the