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Does this work with Google, Office365 or Outlook?
Are you GDPR compliant?
Do you provide a BAA?
Is my data safe?
Are you GDPR compliant?
Do I need a new Email Account?
Is there any software that I need to download?
Where is the data stored when the email is sent securely?
How does the email system actually encrypt the data that is being sent through DeliverySlip?
Where is my data stored?
What protections and provisions do you have against hacking and cyber-attacks which could compromise the security of the service?
Do your support SSO (Single Sign On)?
What regulatory compliance schemas do you support?
Who can I send secure messages to?
How do I encrypt a message, an attachment?
How do I send a document for approval?
What happens if someone forwards my ecure message – is it still encrypted?
How do I track messages?
Can I transfer my data to another service?
If I cancel my service with DeliverySlip, will I still be able to read my emails?
Is there a way to set it to encrypt all emails to specific recipients?
Can you encrypt embedded images in your emails?
I sent an email to my personal email address from my DeliverySlip business portal. Now it looks like my setup has been altered as I now am accessing DeliverySlip from my personal account. How do I get back to my business account?
It would be helpful if my colleagues whose emails I have copied into this email are also given an opportunity to use the free trial.
Do you support “local store” for on premise Outlook Exchange?
Does DeliverySlip work on mobile phones? Will I be able to read secure emails on a mobile phone?
What documents do you have pertaining to the security of the data that we can hold for due diligence purposes?
How are we to register our clients for DeliverySlip? Is there a method that we can use to mass register them?
Do you have available a beginners guide for people who are not IT literate who we would want to be able to access emails sent via DeliverySlip?
What is the experience like for patients or colleagues outside of my organization?
And many more.