The Security Administrator’s role is to manage and assign licenses. In most cases, you the reseller, will be the Security Administrator. If someone else is going to be managing licenses then you should enter that individual’s information.

1) Log in to your customer’s control panel


2) Select the ESET tab


3) The ‘ESET Subscriptions Summary View’ page opens


4) Click the Add New Security Administrator button


5) On the ‘Add New Security Admin’ page, enter the required fields (indicated by *)

IMPORTANT! Share the username and password with the individual who will be the Security Administrator if you are not the Security Administrator.


6) Tick the checkbox next to the subscription ID (ESET Subscription ID) to indicate that it is to be assigned to this Security Administrator


7) Click the Add button


8) The newly created Security Administrator is added to the table under ‘List of Security Administrators associated with ESET subscriptions’


The Security Administrator can download and install the ESET Remote Administrator.

Repeat these steps if you want to create multiple Security Administrators.