This document will provide you with necessary information about How to Renew ESET subscription from the Customer Control Panel manually. By default Automatic Renewal is always set to Enabled.


  1. Login to the Customer Control Panel. Please refer the article - How to Log in to Customer Control Panel from Unified Reseller Control Panel to know how to do so. mceclip0.png 

  2. Click on the Account from the left side menu. 

  3. Now click on the Subscriptions under the Account section.  

  4. Now select the subscription from the list of the subscriptions. mceclip3.png

  5. Now click on the RENEW button at the subscription information page. mceclip4.png

  6. Again click on the RENEW button at the pop – up window to place the order. mceclip5.png 

  7. Once the renewal order will be completed, your subscription will renewed for the selected period of time.