1. Login to customer control panel

  2. Click Kaspersky on the left side menu option

  3. Click Go to Management Portal

  4. You will be redirecting to Kaspersky landing page. Enter your unique login credentials and click sign in

  5. First time login, you will get an account activation message to verify email address and click Continue

  6. Click Terms to use of kaspersky business and click Accept

  7. Select your country and click Confirm

  8. Select a Software solution that you want to use and click Next.

  9. Accept the terms and conditions and click Accept

  10. Provide your company details, country and choose number of devices and click Next

  11. Fill the required fields and click Next

  12. You have successfully registered your company details. As soon as the workspace for your company is ready, a link to the workspace will be sent to the email address you provided

  13. However, You may also proceed directly to the workspace now by clicking the given link.

  14. You can see the company details with registration timestamp.

  15. Now, click Go to Workspace

  16. Click Get started

  17. Read the end User License Agreements, accept the terms and conditions and click I accept the terms

  18. If you have any proxy settings between your company, enable the proxy settings option and provide the details and click Next or if you don't have any proxy settings click Next

  19. Select the Vulnerability assessment and click OK

  20. Click I accept the terms button

  21. You have successfully logged into Kaspersky Management console.