Important: For Kaspersky subscription, we don't have any option to Add users in Customer Control Panel (CCP). All actions can perform only via Kaspersky Management console

  1. Login to customer control panel

  1. Click Kaspersky on the left side menu option

  2. Click Go to Management Portal

  3. You will be redirecting to Kaspersky landing page. Enter your unique login credentials and click sign in

  4. Once you logged in, click Users option on the left side menu option

  5. Click Add users

  6. Enter email addresses of users whose devices you want to protect, or paste the email addresses from the Clipboard. Each email address must be typed on a new line and click Next
  7. Verify user email addresses and aliases. If necessary, you can correct them on this page and click Next

  8. Click Send Instructions, for instructions for installing a Kaspersky Lab security application on your device

  9. User successfully added