Now that you have activated a service plan from you Customer’s Control Panel, your ‘Welcome Email’ will help you install the correct RMail Setup to your Email client. 

Below is a reflection of what your 'Welcome Email' details:

1 Download Appropriate Setup

Click here to select and download a suitable setup for your email client. For example, Microsoft Outlook users will need to download and install the ‘RMail for Outlook’ add-in for Microsoft Outlook.


Fig. 1: Available setups

2 Learn how to use RMail

Available resources include:

1) Training Webinars: Join RPost’s weekly training webinars. To view and register for a training webinar, click here.

2) Other Training Resources: We've also put together an assortment of how-to videos, useful tips, and other instructional material available here.

3) Industry Solutions: To learn how your industry peers use RMail, click here.


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