This document will provide you with necessary information about How to Check Provisioning Status for a Spamina Subscription.

Note: Spamina subscriptions are listed in Odin by their product names such as ‘Parla’ or ‘Firewall’.


1) Log in to your New Unified Reseller Control Panel and switch to Classic Panel.



2) Select ‘Billing’ from the top menu

3) Select Subscriptions from the left side menu

4) On the ‘Subscriptions’ page use the search feature to locate the ‘Spamina’ subscription


1) Enter the product name in the ‘Subscription Name’ field

 2) Click the  Search button



5) The search results are listed in a table and you can identify a subscription based on your Customer’s name (listed under ‘Account Name’)

6)  A successfully provisioned subscription will have the status ‘Running’ under ‘Service Status’

Once your Spamina subscription has been successfully provisioned in Odin, you may proceed to configure and setup the Spamina product (refer to ‘How to: Configure and Setup the Spamina Product’).